Scholarship Application (Part 1 of 6)

Scholarship Application

Please indicate which scholarship you are applying for:

Mack C. Jolley [  ]                                                     The Education Foundation [  ]

Applicant Biographical Information:

Name __________________________________________________________________

First                                                    Middle                                                Last

Permanent Address ______________________________________________________


(City)                                                                        (State)                                     (Zip)

Home Ph: (      ) __________________________________________________________

Cell Ph:(     )_____________________________________________________________

Email: __________________________________________________________________

Date of Birth: ________________         Social Security Number ____________________

Parent/Guardian of applicant: _______________________________________________

Number of children in the household, including applicant _____   (Ages) _____________

How many will be in college this fall? ______

Financial Need:

Annual household income $_________________________

Do you expect parental contribution toward college expenses? Yes [  ]    No [  ]

If not, who will be responsible for your expenses? _______________________________

Have you received other scholarships or grants?  Yes [  ]   No [  ]

Academic Profile (Transcript required):

High School _____________________________________________________________

GPA: ______/4.0 scale (Request an official transcript from your guidance counselor)

ACT Score (if applicable):________                         SAT Score (if applicable):________


Demonstrated Leadership:

(Use additional sheets to list organizations, offices held, community involvement, etc.)

Extracurricular activities: __________________________________________________

Awards/Honors: _______________________________________________________

(Use additional sheets to list your academic honors, achievements, etc.)

Community Activities: ____________________________________________________

Have you ever been subject to disciplinary action? Yes [  ]   No [  ]

If yes, please explain.______________________________________________________

College you plan to attend: _________________________________________________

Are you expecting to receive other scholarships or grants? Yes [  ]   No [  ]

If yes, list type(s) and amount(s) expected to receive: ____________________________


(Use the attached recommendation forms. Obtain letters from a counselor and teacher who have taught the applicant within the past 3 years.)

Recommendations will be provided by:



NOTE: Application and support documents must be postmarked by April 1.

Mail to:                      Tau Lambda Education Foundation

ATTN: Terrance J. Gibson

Scholarship Committee

2073 Sherbrooke Lane

Nashville, TN  37211

(615) 308.5978

Only selected applicants will be notified to interview by the Scholarship Committee.

[Tau Lambda Scholarship Committee reserves the right to verify the accuracy of the information contained in the application packet. All information will be kept confidential.]

Scholarship Award  Information

  • Must be a full-time student at an accredited college/university, starting fall 2017.
  • Will be paid directly to the recipient’s college/university.
  • Will not pay for study outside of the United States.

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